Practice Areas

We represent and assist our clients in all stages of transaction, from locating potential properties through both local and international brokers, to considering the commercial aspects of a deal. We then handle negotiations and perform the preliminary due diligence before purchase. We plan and deal with all the elements of the transaction’s structure and tax considerations, representing our clients in all aspects of property purchases and sales, until completion. We understand that our clients are interested in solid, secure transactions, and we have the means and necessary experience to ensure the best possible outcomes.

We represent and assist our clients in all stages of transaction, from locating potential tenants through leading brokers, both local and international, to considering the commercial aspects of the leasing deal. We then handle pre-contract negotiations and draw up lease contracts to maximise client profits on the property investment.

We represent our clients who join purchasing consortia that are organised for the purpose of acquiring rights to property. Our representation includes advice to clients in the stages of consortia organisation and negotiations to join. We assist our clients throughout the process, until the project is complete and our clients are registered as property owners.

Our firm represents landowners and entrepreneurs in combination deals and projects, throughout the planning stages of land purchasing, promoting plans for development, negotiations with building contractors, advising on all aspects of taxation, working with banks that provide financing, and continuing to provide assistance until the construction is complete.

We have experience in forming property holding companies, through which our clients are able to invest in property in Israel.

Property financing transactions are done in many contexts, including everything related to investment in income-yielding property, property for development, mezzanine finance, refinancing, et cetera. Our firm has extensive experience achieving our clients’ financial goals and structuring finance for the whole transaction. Through close collaboration with our clients and familiarity with all commercial banks in Israel, we can tailor creative solutions to any kind of financing required.